FACT: Oil spills cost you money.

Spills cause expensive downtime and they stop your technicians from earning revenue for your business. In addition, oil spills can result in a serious slip hazard, the most common cause of workplace injury claims. Read more

In developing Spill Hound, we have harnessed the natural properties of an oil bearing plant and adapted them to become an incredibly fast, dust-free oil absorber.

When we say that Spill Hound cleans up oil spills in seconds, we really mean it. Just watch this quick video.

How does Spill Hound work?

Spill Hound is derived from the processing residuals of an oil-bearing plant. The internal chemistry of this plant was created by nature to carry oily materials. We have added subtle enhancements that allow the absorption of oil-based AND water-based spillages, yet Spill Hound still prefers to absorb oil, even in the presence of water.

Oil is rapidly absorbed into the capillary structure of the plant material. Once absorbed, the oil stays absorbed and cannot escape even in the presence of water or under mechanical pressure. Read more about the science of Spill Hound.