Power Pads

Spill Hound Power Pads are constructed from an ultra-hydrophobic blown polymer to give unbeatable oil and hydrocarbon absorbtion with 100% water rejection.

• The natural buoyancy and extreme hydrophobic nature of Spill Hound Power Pads allows them to be used to deal with oil spillages on water.
• Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, Spill Hound Power Pads are effective in wet or dry conditions.
• In emergencies, can be rolled up and used as a sock.
• Fast wicking action reduces the spill time and downtime associated with oil spills.

Oil Socks

Spill Hound Oil Socks can be placed around leaking machinery and are recommended for spill containment and drain guarding.
• Manufactured from ultra-hydrophobic materials, Spill Hound Oil Socks will absorb oil and hydrocarbon-based products whilst rejecting water.
• Spill Hound Oil Socks are available to order in any size required.
• Place Spill Hound Oil Socks around leaking machinery to prevent danger in the workplace.
• Use Spill Hound Oil Socks as a temporary bund to protect vulnerable areas such as drains, surface waterways and sensitive equipment.