Field Response Unit

Why do I need the Field Response Unit?

You are a mobile or field-based technician, and it is vital that, when you are on a customer's site, you do not leave an oily mess behind you. Now, you can take Spill Hound with you wherever you go.

Take Spill Hound on the road with you

If you are a mobile engineer or field technician, an accidental spill can represent a catastrophe and a damaged reputation. With the Field Response Unit on board, a spill at a customer's site no longer means embarassment and customer inconvenience.

The Field Response Unit allows you to deal with onsite spillages quickly and efficiently, AND remove the waste safely. Once you are back at base, the partially used Spill Hound can be fully recycled using the Spill Hound Recycling Centre. Then, simply refill the Field Response Unit and you are ready to face your next challenge.