Spill Hound Acid

Why is Spill Hound Acid different?

Acid spills require careful treatment in order to make them safe. Some methods involve neutralisation with alkaline hydroxides or carbonates but these methods can generate considerable heat and an acid mist which can cause corrosion or be inhaled.

Spill Hound Acid is different. When added to an acid spill, Spill Hound Acid forms a protective neutralising blanket on top of the spillage, completely supressing any aerosol mist and acid fumes. The acid is neutralised quietly and effectively, ready for final disposal.

Why shouldn't I just use carbonate?

When pure carbonates are used to neutralise acids, the reaction generates a huge amount of effervescence or 'fizz', which sprays acid droplets further than the original spill. To illustrate this, we carbonate-neutralised a hydrochloric acid solution, using an acid-detecting paper to show just how far the acid can be sprayed.

The video to the right shows what happened.

Complete, controlled neutralisation.

In order to illustrate the controlled neutralisation of acid, we took two aluminium containers (we chose aluminium because it is rapidly and severely attacked by acids). We placed a layer of Spill Hound Acid in one container and then added hydrochloric acid to both.

The video to the right shows just what happened.