• Application of Spill Hound is simple! Application of Spill Hound is simple! Simply brush Spill Hound through the spillage.
Why choose the Spill Hound Starter Kit?

The Spill Hound Starter Kit allows you to fully experience the speed and ease-of-use of Spill Hound. The Starter Kit includes everything you need to deal quickly with oil, fuel and solvent spillages. When you're ready, just order further kits or individual replacement absorbent. If your requirements are larger, you can also enjoy quantity discounts for even more savings.

What's in the kit?

The kit includes a complete recycling centre, unbreakable* brush (with indoor and outdoor brush heads), non-sparking shovel and recycling filter. Two 10kg tuff-bags of Spill Hound absorbent and a complimentary pack of 100 Action Wipes are also included.

How much does it cost?

We can't show the special low price here. Please contact us for Starter Kit pricing. Delivery is free anywhere in the UK.

* Unbreakable? No-one has managed to break one yet!