What will it cost to switch to Spill Hound?

A lot less than you might think. Obviously, you might expect us to say that, in order to convince you to buy Spill Hound. That's why we created the Spill Hound Calculator, which allows you to produce a personalised savings quotation based on the size and frequency of your spillages and the costs of the personnel that do the cleanup.

If you click the image to the right, it will take you directly to the Spill Hound Calculator.

You will need to know the following :
1. Hourly salary cost of your technicians
2. The hourly labour rate that you charge your customers
3. Typical number of spills per week
4. Typical size of spill in litres

Is Spill Hound recyclable?  

Yes! Spill Hound is completely recyclable, which makes good environmental sense as well as good economic sense. The Spill Hound recycling centre was created to extract the maximum economy through recycling of Spill Hound. We have found, on average, that Spill Hound can be used 6-8 times before it is completely spent.

It may look like a wheely bin, but the Recycling Centre is the key to maximum economy when using Spill Hound. Every feature of this unit has been developed and refined to give a long and trouble-free service life.


When Spill Hound is used to treat a spillage, all unused absorbent is recovered through the recycling centre, ready to deal with the next spillage. The video to the right shows how the recycling process works.

Is Spill Hound sustainable?

Yes! Spill Hound is formulated from sustainable materials. This means that we use natural, plant-derived materials in the formulation of the product.

Is Spill Hound produced ethically?

Yes! Through their entire growing, harvesting and processing phases, all Spill Hound materials respect human rights, the rights of pregnant women, the rights and abilities of children and the provision of decent wages and conditions for workers.

I've seen absorbents based on coconut fibre (coir). Is this material biodegradable?

Unfortunately the answer is NO. Coir is composed largely of a material called lignin, one of the most difficult to degrade materials Nature has ever produced. As you read this, there are scientists working away in universities, trying to find ways of getting lignin to biodegrade.

Can Spill Hound be used against burning fuel or oil?

Spill Hound does have powerful fire suppression capabilities. However, Spill Hound should not be considered as a replacement for correct fire extinguishing agents and should only be used by properly equipped and trained firefighting personnel.

Will Spill Hound work on petrol?

The answer is yes. HOWEVER, Spill Hound that has been used to absorb petrol must NEVER be recycled as this could result in a gradual build-up of flammable vapours inside the recycling centre. Spill Hound containing petrol should be immediately bagged and sealed for correct, safe disposal.

Where is Spill Hound made?

Spill Hound is designed and manufactured in the UK, under our Quality Assurance systems accredited to the global standard ISO9001.

Do I need to wear a dust mask when using Spill Hound?

With clay granules and many of the 'natural' absorbents, a dustmask is an absolute necessity. Spill Hound is the only sustainable absorbent that is permenantly 100% dust-free. Dusty absorbents are not only bad for your health, they are also a nuisance when being applied to a spillage. In some cases, you will get as much absorbent on you as you do onto the spillage!

The video to the right shows how dust from absorbents can carry in the air. In the case of clay granules, the dust is extremely hazardous.

The final product tested is Spill Hound, and its dust-free nature can clearly be seen.

I've seen some datasheets mentioning a content of crystalline silica which, I understand, is a dangerous material. Does Spill Hound contain any crystalline silica?

Absolutely none. You are correct that clay granules or kitty litter (which have been around since World War II) do contain crystalline silica which can be very harmful if inhaled.

What's the problem with crystalline silica?

Although chemically very different, crystalline silica shows some chilling similarities to asbestos. In both cases, high exposure levels can result in a progressive, disabling and fatal disease of the lungs. In the case of asbestos, the disease is asbestosis. With crystalline silica, the disease is silicosis. In both cases, the onset of the disease occurs many years after exposure, which makes these materials such stealthy killers.

Crystalline silica is so dangerous that the UK health and safety executive have specified an occupational exposure limit of 1/10,000th of a gram per cubic metre of air.

I've got a brand new painted workshop floor. Will Spill Hound scratch the surface?

No. Spill Hound is a soft, fibrous material and completely non-abrasive. Clay granules, on the other hand, are hard and highly abrasive and will scratch your painted floor.

This video clearly shows just how abrasive clay granules can be on a painted surface.


In contrast, Spilll Hound is completely non-abrasive and can be used with confidence on all painted or unpainted floor surfaces.

Isn't Spill Hound more expensive than clay granules?

It will certainly cost less to buy a bag of granules. However, the biggest cost element in any manual oil spill clean-up operation is the labour cost.

Spill Hound will clean up an oil spill literally in seconds, whereas a typical granule operation can take half an hour or more. In addition, clay granules will produce a huge amount of off-site waste (which is expensive). To see for yourself just how much you could save by using Spill Hound, use our Spill Hound savings calculator by clicking HERE.

Will Spill Hound work on acid spills?

We have a specially formulated Spill Hound product,Spill Hound Acid, which simultaneously absorbs and safely neutralises acid spills. Spill Hound Acid instantly blocks acid fume emissions and is much safer to us than caustics or carbonate powders.

In this video, we use a sponge soaked in pure ammonia, to detect dangerous hydrochloric acid fumes.

After treatment with Spill Hound Acid, we repeat the fume test to confirm that all hydrochloric fumes have been eliminated.

I'm a mobile mechanic, is there a smaller Spill Hound kit for when I'm on the road?

We appreciate that, when you are on the road or out in the field, oil spill cleanup can be very difficult. Oil spills left at a customer's site can even damage your image, your business relationship and your future income. That's why we developed the Spill Hound Field Response Unit (FRU).

This compact unit carries enough Spill Hound to deal with fairly large spills, and comes complete with attached brush and pan for added convenience.

The FRU allows you to quickly clean up any oil or fluid spilled at a customer's site. You can then recycle unused Spill Hound back at base.