The Science of Spill Hound

Spill Hound is derived from the fibre processing residuals of an oil-bearing plant. The internal capilliary structure of Spill Hound was created by nature to be highly oleophillic (oil loving) and this property is harnessed in Spill Hound.

The oleophillic surface of Spill Hound attracts oil strongly, where it is then absorbed into the capilliary internal structure, where it remains locked in.

One picture is worth a thousand words of technical explanation, so take a look at the video on the right.

Microfibre cloths - Nature got there first!

High-performance microfibre cloths, with their microscopic capiliary construction, are now commonplace in industry and in the home yet, 10 years ago, they were virtually unknown. The capiliary structure of oil-bearing plants has evolved in nature over millions of years.

Viewed under a microscope, the microfibre (capilliary) structure of Spill Hound can be clearly seen and, when compared to a microfibre cloth, the similarity is striking.

When applied to a spillage, the oil-loving structure of Spill Hound instantly soaks up the spilled oil, transferring it inside Spill Hound's micro-capiliary structure, where it remains locked in. This means that oil that has been absorbed by Spill Hound will stay absorbed and will not leach out to cause further staining or slip hazards.