The Spill Hound Marine system

Instant response for oil spills in marinas, fisheries, harbours and inland waterways. The system comprises AquaTrawl floating booms and fully sustainable Spill Hound Marine absorbent.

When oil is spilled in environmentally sensitive areas, speed of response is critical if environmental damage is to be avoided. AquaTrawl is a first-response system that can be carried to the spill location in a car or van, allowing response in a matter of minutes to prevent or minimise pollution or contamination.

AquaTrawl is easily deployed and, in conjunction with Spill Hound Marine, can prevent serious ecological damage.

AquaTrawl units can be daisy-chained to increase containment area. This table indicates the containment area that can be covered by connected AquaTrawl units.

No of AquaTrawl Onshore Containment Offshore Containment Oil Absorption
225 m2
56 m2
100 litres
900 m2
225 m2
200 litres
2025 m2
506 m2
300 litres
3600 m2
900 m2
400 litres
5625 m2
1406 m2
500 litres
8100 m2
2025 m2
600 litres
11,025 m2
2756 m2
700 litres
14,400 m2
3600 m2
800 litres

Oil spills on water require a fast response if damage to sea birds, aquatic life and shorelines is to be avoided.

Each AquaTrawl unit weights less than 6kg and can be rapidly carried to the spill location in a car or van. Whilst AquaTrawl is intended primarily as a containment device, each AquaTrawl unit has a typical oil absorption capacity of 100 litres. For optimum speed of response and clean up, AquaTrawl deployment should always be supplemented by Spill Hound Marine, our fully sustainable marine oil absorbent. Each 8kg bag of Spill Hound Marine can absorb an additional 120 litres of spilled oil. Spill Hound Marine should be deployed within the AquaTrawl containment area, allowing simple isolation and disposal when the AquaTrawl floating boom is retrieved.